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Pulmostics is a world leader in breath analysis diagnostic systems using advanced biomarker analytical technology and data analysis algorithms.

Breath analysis for disease diagnosis has a long history and is rapidly emerging as an effective diagnostic tool, benefited from the development of vapor analysis technology. At Pulmostics, our scientists and engineers have developed advanced and integrated detection and analytical technologies for this purpose. The systems utilize proprietary technologies for breath sample collection and analysis. Our systems capture patient breath, identify characteristic biomarkers, and analyze the signal pattern with high sensitivity and accuracy for disease diagnosis. The technology can accomplish each diagnosis in just a few minutes on site, instead of hours or even days waiting for results. It is also non-invasive, and at affordable cost.

“Breath testing is a noninvasive way to help doctors diagnose a number of conditions. By analyzing your breath, we can measure the amount of certain gases, allowing doctors to arrive at a diagnosis quickly and accurately.”

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Our technologies provide significant advantages, including:

  • High sensitivity toward interested biomarkers, down to parts-per trillion level, which can detect all the significant chemicals for diagnosis purpose
  • High selectivity for the specified disease using our diagnosis algorithms
  • Integrated system to eliminate the necessity of sending samples to remote laboratories, therefore, fast diagnosis is possible. In addition, this also eliminates any potential sample degrading and contamination during sample transferring
  • Low consumables, thus, reduce the diagnosis cost significantly
  • Fast diagnosis procedure. It takes the patient breath sample, and finishes the analysis in a few minutes and report the results
  • User friendly interface requires minimum training for operators

Pulmostices brings you the best breath diagnosis technologies for a healthier and better life.

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William Wittmeyer

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

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William Wittmeyer is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pulmostics. William has successfully launched and led numerous technology companies through full life cycle from start up to IPO. He has over 25 years experience in early stage business development, operational management and fund raising for semiconductor, communications, wireless access, network infrastructure, software, medical device and scientific instrumentation companies around the globe. William has provided critical leadership and management to companies such as Exxon, WR Grace, Wittham, eXS, China Campus Wireless Networks and Electronic Sensor Technology.

William holds a B.S. from the US Coast Guard Academy and an MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business.

William served in the US coast Guard as Operations officer on board Cutter, CEO of a Loran Station and staff officer at US Coast Guard Headquarters. He served in Guam, Turkey and the United States.

Dr. Yin Sun

Chief Technology Officer

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Dr. Yin Sun is the Chief Technology Officer of Pulmostics. He has been involved with the research and development of trace chemical detection for over 23 years. He has significant experience in vapor and trace chemical detection including instrumentation, data analysis and application development across medical, homeland security, food and environmental applications. He has led major research and development projects at a large trace detection cooperation. Dr. Sun has led teams of talented scientists and engineers who invented, developed and launched advanced technologies and new products at startup companies.

Dr. Sun has authored two highly recognized books on trace chemical detection and applications, titled “Detection Technologies for Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Vapors” by CRC Press (With Mr. Kwok Ong) and “Field Detection Technologies for Explosives” by ILM Publications. He is also author of multiple papers/presentations in this filed, and inventor of multiple advanced technologies.

Dr. Sun holds a PH.D. from the University of Connecticut.

Bernard Picot

Executive Vice President

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Bernard Picot is the Executive Vice President for Pulmostics. He has over 25 years of cross-functional expertize in successfully taking a broad variety of early stage novel concepts and products to market. As a key executive, he has a proven track record opening new markets, building and leading global organizations to profitability for private and public high-technology corporations within the wireless, networking, computer, wearable and renewable energy spaces. He architected and executed on numerous direct, channels and OEM go-to-market sales and marketing strategies across North America, Europe, LATAM, Africa, Middle-East and Asia. He architected and brought several medium scale licensing initiatives to fruition. Prior to joining Pulmostics, Bernard held leadership positions within various organizations such as Proxim Inc, launching a novel over-the-air networking concept around the globe, that morphed into WiFi – RapidWave Inc, first ever high-capacity wireless broadband access solutions – Nextsens, lossless ultra-low-consumption multi-standard wireless wearable medical monitoring platform, top 5 best innovations of the year, CES 2015.

Bernard graduated as an Electrical Engineer – Lycee superieur d’enseignement technologique Voilleame. Paris, France.

Ifty Talib

Director of Product Development

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35+ years of global international expertise in various business capacities with technology companies. Ifty’s abilities to manage product lines and complex cross-functional programs are second to none. He is a Successful hands on leader with a consistent track record in executing on delivering revenue growth. He is also an adept negotiator. Over the course of his career, he managed and closed on several multi-million-dollar projects with both commercial and government organizations. He is also a strategic thinker and respected team player with real technical and analytical product understanding, strong work ethic and uncompromising integrity. Ifty holds a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration from the University of Redlands, Redlands, CA.


Breath Analysis is Thousands of Years Old

The concept of utilizing breath analysis for health care assessment is thousands of years old. Hippocrates used breath to identify patient illness in 400 BC. Dr. Linus Pauling analyzed human breath in 1972, identifying more than 250 compounds found in breath. Dr. Michael Phillips has done extensive research in early detection of cancer, finding that lung and breast cancer could be predicted equally well in early stage as in advanced stage disease. Dr. Chris Landon has identified biomarkers for pseudomonas in cystic fibrosis patients. Around the world scientists have been monitoring an increasing number of disease processes with breath analysis including malaria.

Breath Analysis Revolutionizes Patient Care

Breath analysis revolutionizes medical diagnosis, patient management and organ transplant monitoring by providing rapid, low cost, highly sensitive early detection to facilitate early intervention, minimize infectious disease spread, minimize hospital re-entry and minimize costly advanced stage conditions.

Conditions detected include malaria, breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, leukemia, organ transplant rejection, radiation exposure, diabetes mellitus, unstable angina, preeclampsia of pregnancy, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, sepsis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, chemical exposure and more.

Studies worldwide confirm the accuracy, repeatability and sensitivity of breath testing.

Breath analysis monitoring for organ transplant rejection during surgery is already in use and approved by the FDA.

High Speed Results

Breath analysis provides accurate, non-invasive, point of care detection and monitoring of disease processes in minutes.

Easy to Perform Tests

Testing is practical, low risk, highly acceptable to patients and simple to operate with minimal training. Test data can be sent immediately for analysis by an advanced team of doctors.

Pulmostics Leads Breath Analysis

Pulmostics technology brings the possibility of standardized breath analysis to main stream patient care worldwide. The Pulmostics team has been instrumental in developing research, scientific instrumentation, protocols and data analysis in numerous research projects worldwide.  Leading researchers have utilized Pulmostics technology for breath analysis research as it provides the fastest and most accurate analysis of breath VOCs they can obtain.

Biomarkers in Breath

Biomarkers for specific diseases, known as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), are found in human breath.

Hundreds of biomarkers are found at microscopic levels in breath samples. Pulmostics systems are able to accurately detect and analyze hundreds of biomarkers at the level of sensitivity needed. A proprietary software analysis system developed by Pulmostics rapidly analyzes the data to produce accurate test results.


World Technology Leader

Pulmositics has played a leading global role in the development of breath analysis for point of care diagnosis and management of disease.

Pulmostics has developed integrated breath analysis systems. All systems utilize proprietary components  and protocols including apparatus for breath sample collection, sensitive detection of hundreds of biomarkers and analysis of complex data.

Breath Sample Collection

Collecting breath samples free from environmental contaminants has been a challenge for breath analysis researchers. Alveolar air needs to be collected which reflects biomarkers coming from the patient’s body and not environmental volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that the patient is inhaling in their current location such as cleaning compounds or any other of the many environmental VOC’s which could be many. Pulmostics has designed a proprietary breath collection device to successfully isolate alveolar air from environmental contaminants. Pulmostics provides the highest probability of accurate results.

Biomarker Detection

Specific patterns of trace gasses (those found in low concentrations) have been shown to identify specific diseases. Pulmostics highly sensitive detection systems are able to quickly and accurately detect these trace gasses (called biomarkers) at the level of sensitivity needed. A proprietary software analysis system developed by Pulmostics rapidly analyzes the data to provide medical professionals with diagnostic information.

Breath Data Analysis

Analysis of hundreds of data points for each test is rapidly accomplished through computerized systems. A proprietary software analysis system developed by Pulmostics accomplishes accurate, reliable test results.



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